In a room of single ladies

Saturday, October 13 singles 35-55 will come together as new friends and hopefully something more!

Some blokes are happy to stick to the online dating scene and it can work for some, but so many complain that it’s a long drawn out process which invariably results in no connection once they meet face to face.

Local introduction agent, F2F provide a much-needed alternative for the growing single population of the Sunshine Coast by throwing fun, friendly get-togethers with wall to wall singles.

The point is to cut through the online facade straight away and enjoy a night out at one their classy little wine bars meeting new people, having a few drinks and perhaps, finding a great connection with someone.

F2F host Hollie says the men are more nervous than the women.

“It surprises me. Brisbane men are not the same as Noosa men. Our guys are quite nervous and although they are really over the online let-downs, they need that little nudge to take themselves out of their comfort zone,” she says.

“I work closely with my members and guests who are coming to the events. I’m the wingman. It gives me a great deal of satisfaction to ease their minds and get to know them enough that it feels like a get-together with friends on the night. Most people are relieved to have a friendly face they can trust in their corner, and then after a few minutes, the nerves are gone and they are all over it.”

“I’m here for questions, advice and of course, I am always thinking a few steps ahead with some potential pairings. I can’t say specifically who for these events, but I can certainly place people in the same room and make it a comfortable and fun night where the possibilities are endless,” she says.

“This will be a great opportunity to get out on the town for a lovely night with new friends. I have a lot of fun doing this and my guests sure do too. I can’t wait for October 13 to roll around and see what unfolds. I’m hoping to have 40 singles which is enough for everyone to blend in a little.”

Hollie also provides a more tailored service for date coaching for those who need a little extra support to get back out there. Everything from conversation, confidence, dressing, texting, online profiles, advice and etiquette, Hollie is genuine and knows her what she’s talking about. Follow F2F on Facebook and enjoy all the advice and articles to help you on your way as well as event alerts.

Embassy XO Private Wine Bar provides the perfect venue for the next Singles Evening on Saturday 13 October. Ages 35-55 (ish). If you are outside this age range, send through your details via the website so Hollie can curate an evening for you.

If you want to meet that special someone, this is your best shot! If what you’re doing isn’t working, then what have you got to lose?

Get tickets and find out more about the date coach services at

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