Find out what croquet is all about

As part of the Noosa Council Adult Come’N’Try activities during September, Noosa Croquet Club is offering three dates during September when members of the Noosa Community can Come and Try croquet for free, with some direction from expert croquet players, at the very attractive courts at Seashell Place, Noosa Waters.

The dates offered are Sunday mornings – September 6th, Father’s Day, so an outing for Dad, September 13, Grandparents’ day, so an even nicer outing for both partners, and September 20. Activity begins at 8.30, so try to be there by about 8.15.

Find out what croquet is all about – it is a sport in which both sexes can be involved, is competitive and is a mixture of mallet on-court activity with the strategies of snooker and chess. It is far more involved and interesting than you think!!

So any Sunday morning at our Noosa Waters courts, but particularly for Noosa community members on those three key dates. Any queries, please ring Niven Gugich on 0428799987.

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