Lightning players share wellbeing tips on podcast

Speak Up Engage podcast team.

Sunshine Coast Lightning players will share tips on how to maintain mental health while striving for goals in Sunshine Coast Council’s latest Speak Up Engage podcast.

Elite netballers Laura Scherian and Annika Lee-Jones were interviewed about their journey to the top by Speak Up Engage presenters Toby Bogert, Laura-Leith Pettigrew and Bridget Kelly.

The players explained how exercise can help maintain a positive mindset.

“The players combine intense netball-focused training with nature-based exercise. Several of the players recently took part in one of Sunshine Coast Council’s Healthy Sunshine Coast yoga classes at Cotton Tree Park and, in the podcast, Laura and Annika share the value of getting outdoors and connecting with nature while exercising,’’ Bridget said.

Co-presenter Laura said the players had a very holistic approach to their exercise.

“They include other aspects of exercise so netball is not their only focus. This ensures their mental wellbeing if they have setbacks in netball,” Laura said.

Speak Up Engage is a weekly podcast delivered on leading Australian health podcast network, The Wellness Couch.The presenters are mentored by Carren Smith who is a motivational speaker, author and trainer, as well as council’s Youth Community Development officer.

Laura said she got involved because she loves spreading the message of the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle.

“Maintaining your health and fitness has so many benefits to your physical health but also your mental health. And while our busy lifestyle makes it hard to include health and fitness into our schedule, I believe the busier you get the more important it is to have that mental outlet that health and fitness provides,” Laura said.

Tune into the podcast by visiting the Wellness Couch podcast network website at:

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