Muds crabs on menu

A great catch from fishing offshore Noosa.

With more rain in the systems, the local rivers are really running.

Kauri Creek has started to colour up after the rains and the fresh is forcing the smaller baitfish to the more saline waters downstream.

This is great for anglers as the fish are happy to come out and hunt when the water is just that little bit dirty with the bonus of more baitfish heading to sea. Jacks, grunter and trevally have all been taken with live baits working very well.

For the lure anglers, with the water coloured up try those darker colours as the fish will see the silhouette.

Diving suspending lures like the Samaki Redic or the Berkley Pro-Tech in the larger 80mm size are perfect.

As the bigger tides push in then the predatory fish like trevally, queenfish and tarpon will move in and also feed on those bait schools.

In Tin Can Bay, plenty of those big momma flatheads have been landed.

Fish over 75cm have been landed, photographed and then released.

Whiting numbers are getting better as we move through the new moon phase.

Typically the best bite is on the run-out tide with yabbies and worm the gun baits.

With the fresh in the system, mud crabs should be up and doing their thing.

Make sure you set those pots in the deeper holes, these holes will hold more saline waters and if possible try to set them as close as you can to the mangroves. Mullet chunks or chicken carcasses seem to be the best bait.

With conditions pretty average offshore for smaller craft, mostly larger craft made the run outside.

The winds picked up early so most were back at the ramp before 10am.

The report we did get mainly came from the protected area around Noosa.

The good news is the pelagic’s are really firing with plenty of tuna around.

Schools of fish could be seen feeding on bait schools from the Noosa River mouth.

Anglers have been trying to match what they are feeding on and it seems that smaller profile slugs have been the way to go.

Reports from around North Reef were good with Mauri Cod, pearl perch, snapper, jew, and sweetlip all boated.

With wind and swell conditions up and down like a yoyo this week, those thinking of doing the bigger trips outside may have to wait till conditions improve.

Sunshine was good for those doing the fish and run before the winds picked up.

Again the trout have been plentiful with some nice fish taken on live baits.

Fishing hard to the reef is key along with having the drag locked up to get them clear of the reef.

On the beaches, the fishing in between squally showers last week was pretty good.

Plenty of whiting has been taken off the beaches around Noosa North Shore and Double Island.

The new moon is traditionally the best time to chase jewfish.

These fish were happy to move into the deeper gutters and feed.

Tailor flesh baits are still the number one bait if you want to tangle with a big jewfish.

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