Signs tailor are on the way

Kain Knauer with a diamond trevally.

By Jack Mangrove

With a great run of light winds and low swells early in the week the offshore crew went out and enjoyed all that the local reefs had to offer. Double Island has some quality pelagics hanging around as well as been some big reds, scarlet sea perch, medium sized snapper, amber jack and even a wahoo! North reef has solid pearl perch, cobia, small snapper, longtail tuna, sweetlip, tuskies and school mackerel. Even though the waters are cooler ensure you have a pilchard floater or live bait swimming around out the back as big pelagics will crunch these! In closer Sunshine Reef has quality coral trout along with big sweetlip and pearl perch. There are smaller snapper cruising around and if on the drift be sure to try a few slow jigs or soft plastics as these work very well in the first 5-8 meters off the bottom. In closer around Halls Reef and Jew Shoal the big Spanish and longtail are still hanging around but will be headed north soon. These fish are still taking slow trolled dead and live baits and smaller diving lures. Surf fishing is starting to improve with early signs of tailor, big bream, whiting and flatties coming from the gutters and headlands all along the coastline. Having a slug ready to fire at any bird action is a must so keep your eyes peeled and be ready to act fast.

The estuaries are fishing well with bigger flatties, various trevally species, tailor and bream making their presence known around the rock walls and deep drop offs of the river mouth and dog beach. If after whiting be sure to try the frying pan or the flats of the sand bags if land based. Small grub plastics and micro jigs hopped along the bottom can work well if these fish are not hitting surface lures. An added bonus is flathead will respond to these lures so why not give it a try? If looking for trevally then check out the current line and entrance to the first woods bay. Further upstream bigger flatties have been caught on live herring and whitebait as well as various soft vibes. Queenfish and trevally will take a liking to these lures too which are also very easy to fish, especially those new to using lures.

Freshwater has fired up with a great run of bass coming from both Lake MacDonald and Borumba with big fish coming from the weedy edges. Suspending lures and slow sinking jerk baits are a must as are slow rolled soft plastics on 3/8 jigheads. The afternoon bite appears to be better so enjoy a sleep in and enjoy your weekend!

So on behalf of Jack Mangrove, best of luck on your fishing adventures!

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