Master strokes

Photo by Jordan Cullen

MONSTERS and aliens, spiders and needles – the stuff of nightmares were seen wandering the marketplace in Eumundi at the weekend for the Australian Body Art Carnivale.
Fairies, rainbow sprites, goddesses and knights in shining armour and balanced the gore and horror with light and beauty, the gifts of good dreams.
More than 90 artists competed in different categories from body art to car bonnet painting, wearable art and photography.
Body art winners included Kim Cakebread, Janie Fearon, and Juliet Bradford, while Rene McGovern took out first prize for car bonnet painting.
Event manager Danielle Taylor said some truly incredible art was created throughout the weekend.
“The artists were under pressure to create their masterpieces within the defined time limits of the competitions, yet all had smiles on their faces and really seemed to enjoy themselves and celebrate the opportunity to work alongside fellow artists,” she said.
While wild weather threatened to put a dampener on the event ahead of the weekend, dark clouds gave way to blue skies bringing a record crowd of about 15,000 spectators to the festival famous for beautifully painted bodies.
The Grand Parade brought the walking canvasses together to showcase the works of each day.
“It truly is phenomenal to watch the artists come together from near and far to create something special,” Ms Taylor said.