Pomona next on council roadtrip

POMONA ratepayers will have the chance to chat to mayor Noel Playford, councillors and senior staff before the next ordinary meeting of the council at the Pomona Bowls Club on 29 May, at 6pm.
The new Noosa Council is determined to get as close as it can to the community that voted it back into existence.
Since being elected to office in January, all councillors have made it a priority to get out and about right across the shire.
Cr Playford says it should be clear to voters that they have a council for all of Noosa Shire. “Our six-monthly meetings at different locations are just to reinforce that, and to give everyone a better chance to come and chat with us,” he said.
“We’re a local, approachable council, and that’s the way we intend to remain.”
Peregian Beach Surf Club will host a council meeting on Thursday 20 November.