Plenty of great fish from the closer reefs!

Ben Forgan''s tuna.

by Jack Mangrove

With the consistent run of offshore winds and low swell we had last weekend, plenty of angler took advantage and headed offshore to get into the action. The lead up to the new moon has seen the snapper go on the chew with reefs like North reef, Sunshine reef and Jew shoal are reporting good fish. Also on offer are a god mix of pearlies, tuskies, jewfish and sweetlip. Using a live bait rig to get some fresh Slimy Mackerel or Yakka’s has proved to be worthwhile as live baits seem to be getting inhaled as soon as they get to the bottom. Large strip baits have also been popular with fresh mullet and hussar working well. When fishing bait a consistent stream of burley will really help the cause, having some pre-mixed burley or burley logs and Tuna oil to help get you into the action. For the lure anglers; soft plastics have been working exceptionally well, jerk shad style lures in either Motor Oil, Nuclear Chicken or pink have been the go. Those that have larger craft that did the run to the outer reefs, there was plenty of offer with some big amberjack, kingies, snapper, pearl perch, cobia and cod climbing on any live baits fished close to the reefs. Knife jigs have also been working well, dropped to the bottom and ripped up at speed has seen plenty of monster fish leave the bottom in pursuit of these fast moving jigs. The pelagic run still seems to be going on with plenty of quality mackerel and tuna taken from most of the reefs, probably the best advice is to get to the north of the feeding schools and let the fish come to you.

In the river we have seen some big Flathead from the lower part of the system. These have been caught on a wide range of baits from livies to whitebait and of course soft plastics. The tailor are making a stronger presence each week as they make their run north. Fish in the mid 70cm mark are not unusual so it’s important to up-size your leaders when the tailor are around as they can get through some gear if the leader is to light. The bigger fish are falling to a range of trolled lures and surface lures and fresh strip baits fished on small gang hooks. Live beach worms have been accounting for quality Bream and Whiting in the lower estuary when rigged with lighter leaders and worm hooks. Fishing areas like Gympie Rd, Munna Point, Woods Bays, the dog beach and of course the frying pan have all seen great results.

With schools of tailor starting to show up now is the time to start using gang hooks with fresh mullet strips, bonito fillet and whole pilchard baits. Fishing along the North shore has been very popular with the Double Island end seeing some bigger fish on the morning and afternoon tides, jew are also about and love a feed of tailor so if you get a legal chopper take the sides off him and send it out the back. The best jew bit will be between sunset and moonrise. There is still a strong presence of Whiting, Dart and good sized Bream on most of the close gutters.

So On behalf of Jack Mangrove, best of luck on your fishing adventures!

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