Prepare for a Petersen comeback

Dr Patricia Petersen hasn’t ruled out a return to Noosa politics, saying she will score the job of Mayor sooner or later.

Speaking exclusively to Noosa Today at the Brisbane Freedom Day rally on Sunday, Dr Petersen said people have been asking where she has been since her defeat in the Noosa Shire Council elections.
Dr Petersen said she has been attending to her mother who suffered a stroke during her first election campaign and rehearsing with her band Miss March, who performed at the rally.
“But in addition to that, just working behind the scenes,” she said.
“I’ve taken some time out away from it all, I suppose, from being in the media so regularly and, I’ve gone back to helping people under the radar a little bit.
“It feels really great.”
When asked if she will return to run in the next Noosa Shire Council election, Dr Petersen said “possibly”.
“As someone said, politics is in my blood. For me, someone worth voting for is someone who really wants to do the job, someone who sticks their neck out time and time again.”
Dr Petersen said political life was stressful and it could take more than one try to win a seat.
“I’m quite happy to do it tough to get in and I think I will eventually get in,” she said.