Satan be gone

Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon at Noosa Council last year.

By Margaret Maccoll

Satanic religious instruction to be provided by The Noosa Temple of Satan has been requested from the families of at least two school children but Education Minister Grace Grace is not entertaining the prospect of it being allowed in Queensland state schools.

The Noosa Temple of Satan spiritual leader Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon said two Brisbane families had written to principals at Wilston State School and Centenary State High to request The Noosa Temple of Satan be allowed to enter classrooms and provide classes in the same way as other genuine religions.

He said under departmental guidelines the religious group is required to submit a curriculum and principals need to allocate a slot in their timetable.

Education Minister Grace Grace described the request for Satanism to be taught in the schools as “nothing but a stunt“.

“Satanism has never been taught in Queensland schools and it won’t be on my watch,“ she said.

However Brother Samael said to refuse permission would mean the government was acting against its own Queensland Human Rights Commission Anti-Discrimination Act and he would be making a formal complaint.

Noosa MP Sandy Bolton said her office had never been contacted by parents in the electorate regarding Satanist religious instruction.

“However we have been asked in the past that time given for religious instruction be either relegated to religious education where all beliefs form part of curriculum, or for wellness studies that encompasses strategies for dealing with stress, improving self-esteem and heathy relationships,“ she said.

“This I have brought up with the Minister previously and during estimates, as excellent programs such as Healthy Harold could be incorporated into every school’s curriculum to better assist in decreasing the increasing statistics of DV, addictions and self-harm.“

Ms Bolton said parents should direct any concerns over curriculum content to their principal or the department and copy her office in. Regarding discrimination, the appropriate channels for any determinations are via either the Queensland Human Rights Commission or the Australian Human Rights Commission, she said.

While Brother Samael pushes for satanic instruction in schools he was successful in having the religion’s spiritual symbol, the pentagram, added to the symbols of recognised faiths displayed at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital’s multi-faith centre.

Brother Samael said while visiting the hospital’s multi-faith centre recently his request for the pentagram to be displayed was granted.

“I asked to be a chaplain as well. I’m waiting to hear from them,“ he said.