Junction traders rally for parking

Noosa Junction traders have called for reconfiguration of Sunshine Beach Road parking during Noosa Council's Ordinary Meeting on Thursday 29 May.


A PETITION signed by 442 business owners and operators is calling on Noosa Council to reconfigure parking at Noosa Junction.
The petition was handed in to council during its ordinary meeting held at the Pomona Bowls Club on Thursday 29 May.
Councillor Frank Wilkie said the retailers would like to see front-to-kerb angle parking on Sunshine Beach Road, Noosa Junction.
Cr Wilkie said a lack of convenient parking was preventing many customers from shopping at the Junction.
A total of 22 shops are now empty along Sunshine Beach Road, and the report highlighted several key concerns from Junction traders.
“Our proposal is to have two southbound lanes of Sunshine Beach Road as a two-way thoroughfare with the current southbound bus, loading and parking stops remaining in place,” the petition summary said.
“The northbound lanes to be converted into front kerb convenient parking with only the current bus zone near Arcadia Walk remaining in place.”
The report also highlighted the need to make Noosa Junction two lanes instead of the current four lanes.
“There is no need for four lanes in the Junction – no other shopping precinct in the Noosa area has four lanes, and the roads either side have only two lanes,” the report said.
“These businesses are some of the last independent retailers in Noosa, and it would be a shame to lose Noosa’s individuality to chain retailers in every shopping complex.”
The report was received by Noosa Council and will be raised for consideration and debate at a later date.
Have your say – do you think Noosa Junction should have front-to-kerb angle parking? Send your thoughts to newsdesk@noosatoday.net.au

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