Sand sculpting lessons mooted

Patricia Balderstone wants creativity to reign once more on Noosa Main Beach.


NOOSA local Patricia Balderstone has raised the idea of hosting a beach sculpting workshop on Noosa Main Beach.
Ms Balderstone said she was concerned that without a single sandcastle sculpture on the beach, following the removal of the sandcastle man Arron McCormick, children would not get to experience the wonders of sand sculpture.
“I think sand sculpture, regardless of the arguments around Arron, is a good thing on Noosa Main Beach,” she said.
“And maybe instead of having a busker building sandcastles for money, perhaps the idea could be turned into a monthly workshop for kids.”
Ms Balderstone said she first saw a sand sculpture of a beautiful mermaid on Main Beach many years ago.
“Sandcastles and more importantly sand sculpturing on Main Beach is totally in place,” she said.
“The beach is not just for surfers with their boards to check the waves, visitors to spread and acquire a tan, joggers, retirees to promenade; it is also a huge mass of golden sands eroded and deposited by the ocean and can be worked to create visually interesting art works.”
Ms Balderstone said humans have been working with stone, sand, metals and wood to create gems since the dawn of time.
“There should, of course, be one or even two sand sculptors (with permits and insurance given) as the children are so entranced by the sandcastles,” she said.
“Also workshops for the young (and not so young) they could be run during school holidays.”
Ms Balderstone suggested famed sand sculptor Dennis Massoud could help develop the idea.
“We have one of the best sand sculptors in the world, Dennis Massoud (it was his mermaid I saw) and we could host sand sculpting competitions,” she said.
Meanwhile, a decision on Arron McCormick’s permit application remains in limbo as Noosa Council continues to stall a “yes” or “no” on the application.
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