Passing the naked buck

The nude Olympics takes place at Alexandria Bay every year with the next one in March 2015.


A PUSH to make Alexandria Bay Queensland’s first official nude beach continues to gain momentum via a petition this month – but not everyone is happy with the idea.
A total of 230 people have now signed the online petition which has a target of 1000 signatures and is being directed towards QLD Premier Campbell Newman, State member for Noosa Glen Elmes and Noosa Council Mayor Noel Playford.
The online petition was posted by Free Beach Australia advocate Bill Hainsworth and features a range of comments in support.
Comments ranged from the benefits of tourism dollars from A-Bay and the need for Queensland to shrug off its conservative past and move into the 21st century.
“Wake up politician – discard your suit and be free,” petition signer Andrew Martin wrote on the website.
The petition highlighted Queensland as needing a “legal clothing optional beach” to enjoy the natural side of nude swimming and sunbathing.
But not everyone is happy with the idea and Noosa Police were again called into action to visit A-Bay and issue infringement notices to those going nude.
The complaint came from a Noosa mother, who did not want to be named, and said she was fed up with “naked zombies” walking too close.
The mother said naked men who approach women and who are “sitting in the main public pathway exposing their genitals” should not be allowed to do so.
She has detailed her “disturbing experiences walking through Alexandria Beach”
“I am not against discrete nude sunbathing and swimming out of view from the general clothed public,” she said.
“But what I have experienced several times passing through Alexandria Beach has been very shocking and disturbing.”
Meanwhile, nude advocates have called for signage to warn locals and visitors that they could encounter nude sunbathers.
Several residents have suggested the signs read, “Caution naked sunbathers have been seen in this area – if nudity offends do not enter”.
Other nudists are directing their frustration towards the State Government and Noosa Council for passing the buck.
“When will State and local Governments deal with the issue and stop passing it back and forward,” one resident, who did not want to be named, wrote.
“Queensland wants a nude beach.”
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  1. One question- why does the mother who doesn’t wish to be named go repeatedly to Alex Bay to experience shocking and disturbing encounters over and over? This just doesn’t make sense. If she is really that shocked by the sight of a nude person then there are millions of other beaches in the area she can frequent instead. I can’t say I have ever seen nudes sitting int he main public pathway. Usually nudes go away from the pathway and sit near or on the sand dunes. The beach is wide and you would have to have pretty amazing eyesight to make out their genitals if you walked along the seafront (wet sand) which is the sensible thing to do. I think someone has been dreaming and has a problem distinguishing reality from fiction!

    • I agree with Mark & Anita. A complainant that “doesn’t wish to be named” sounds a bit suspicious. But in most other legal beaches there will be those that don’t wish to be confronted by nudity, so they just don’t go to those beaches.

    • Not to mention that the shortest route to the (nudist) beach is a 1km bush walk so it is a conscious decision to go to that particular beach. So why would a ‘mother’ (any person actually) consciously take this walk knowing that she will likely encounter a scene she does not feel comfortable with. If she was uncomfortable with gays would she still frequent gay bars? or if she didnt like sci fi movies (for examples) would she still go to the cinema and choose a sci fi movie to watch? WE ALL MAKE CHOICES

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