Waging war on weeds

Volunteers are needed to help stop the spread of weeds.

The Seaview Creek Sunshine Beach Bushcare Group has joined the local war against the Singapore daisy, with a planting day planned for next Thursday 29 May.
Singapore daisy is listed by the Noosa Integrated Catchment Association (NICA) as a weed, which is an introduced plant growing away from the ecosystem where it evolved and where, without natural predators to control the growth of the plant, weeds such as Singapore daisy can destroy the balance of natural bushland by out-competing native species.
The Seaview Creek group joins other major Noosa environmental groups, such as Noosa Biosphere (NBL), NICA, the Sunshine Beach Surf Lifesaving Club and Noosa and District Landcare, who have created the Fall of Singapore project.
NBL chair Sue Davis said Noosa Biosphere was pleased to join the eradication project, which is made possible through a Queensland Government Everyone’s Environment grant.
Ms Davis said the aim of the project was to weed, rehabilitate and revegetate four high priority areas in the Noosa Catchment, to improve and consolidate environmental connectivity, biodiversity and resilience over a three-year period.
The four areas of focus include the Sunshine Beach SLSC dune foreshore, Sunshine Creek, a three hectare perimeter of the Girraween Reserve and 1.4 ha along Eenie Creek, behind the industrial area.
In a statement to media, NBL said these high profile areas were “nearing a point of no return, with severe degradation stopping native plant natural regeneration” and “weed species – trees, understory and ground covers – have been displacing endemic vegetation, destroying wildlife corridors and habitat”.
Anyone is welcome to help stop the spread of Singapore daisy and the Seaview Creek group invites everyone to come along on 29 May to the section of Noosa National Park along Cooyar Street, from 8.30am, to help plant native species to aid in rejuvenation.
“The weeds have been removed, the area mulched and we need some extra hands to help plant the new seedlings,” group organiser Jill Campbell said.
All volunteers are asked to bring a hat, sturdy footwear and water. All tools and morning tea will be provided. For more information, phone Jill on 5447 5379 or, for details on other planting events, phone Wendy May from Noosa and District Landcare on 5485 2155 or 0419 377 423.