Thief takes away Kevin’s hearing

Kevin Lomas.

By Margaret Maccoll

Noosaville resident Kevin Lomas has been robbed three times from his riverside apartment but in the latest theft last Wednesday night he lost something of no use to anyone else but vital to his normal life – his hearing aides.

Kevin, who shares the unit with another man, said he had gone to bed about 11.30pm and his flatmate had been out so when he heard the back door open and close he naturally assumed he had returned home.

It wasn’t until the morning when both men realised they had been robbed.

“He couldn’t find his green bag. I realised my satchel was gone,” he said.The units back on to the river and a public footpath. Kevin said the unit had been broken into twice and an iPad was taken from an outside table on another occasion.

“They took my car out of the garage. The keys were stolen from the server,” he said. They took my scooter. I found it at the Yacht Club with the keys in it.

“It’s awful. It makes you feel uneasy. I can’t stand being there at the moment.”

Kevin said the brown leather satchel that was stolen last week contained little of value to anyone else. He said there was a wallet with about $50 in it and a pair of glasses but the loss of his hearing aides worth about $12,000 had a large impact on his life.

As part of a Diploma of Community Service he this week began a voluntary placement in a residential establishment housing people with mental challenges.

“I’m working with people,” he said. “It’s vital I hear what they say and write it down.”

Kevin said fortunately he had insurance and has been able to borrow some substitute hearing aides but would love to have his returned.

Anyone finding the hearing aides should contact Noosa police.